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Bishop and Rabbi are having a greatly needed Shabbat Year from their intense travel schedule during the Shemitah Year of 2015. The team in the Eilat Prayer Tower welcomes you to come and visit and pray with them over the borders of Israel.
Prayer and worship every day at 18:00. Shabbat meeting every Saturday at 16:00. For more information contact us at kad_esh_map@msn.com


Calling the Nations to Israel
to sight the 4th Blood Moon.

2 Weeks of powerful transformation from 24 September to 8 October.

Time to Return to the Apostolic Jewish Roots.
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Great News! Bishop Dominiquae Bierman is now on American and Global TV.

Join us on Destiny TV Monday to Friday 10 AM EST USA time and The World Network from June 2015 on Thursdays at 3.30 AM EST USA time.

Shabbat Letter

There is no other famine worse than the famine for the Word of YHVH. Since Elohim created everything by His Word, there is no life without His Word. Renewal, Revival, refreshing and restoration are all connected with His ever- creating Word being available to us.Click here to for more information
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We invite you to keep us and the Ministry ON TOP as we seek to go into much heavier printing of books because of the demand and the awakening that is happening! 1000 fold blessings upon you as you faithfully partner with us!Partner with us through financial giving, prayer and acts of service

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Mantle of Mercy Flags and Banners, United Nations for Israel flags, banners and T-Shirts, NISSI Miracle Anointing as well as the free e-book The MAP Revolution.
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Israel Global Prayer Movement

Raising up an army of Prayer Warriors to pray for Israel’s Restoration, Protection and Salvation for the Bride of Messiah to be FREE from Replacement Theology AND for Nations to become Sheep Nations.Click here for more information
Watch video: 7 facts about Protective Edge

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Listen to audio teachings from Bishop Dominiquae about Israel, the Jewish Roots of the Faith and the Prophetic Words that the Holy Spirit gives her.
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Bible School on Wheels and Tour of Israel Sukkot 2015

We will tour Israel from North to South and East to West with the Bible Open and the Holy Spirit Flowing spreading a Mantle of Prayer over all of Israel, Tel Aviv, Caesarea, Sea of Galilee, Golan Heights, Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Eilat, Red Sea, Beersheva, Neguev and much, much more!

Expect Life Changing Revelation and Awesome Miracles!

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Teaching Series: The Key of Abraham Revealed

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Available Resource: The Key of Abraham

The Key of AbrahamThis book will catapult you into another level of understanding of The Key of Abraham according to Genesis 12:3, the Blessing or the Curse. It is especially urgent during these times of financial shaking! Those that bless Israel will be blessed!

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